Sunday, September 16, 2007

Smashed Finger is healing fine....4th month update

Here's pics of my finger that is healing after being smashed in May of this year. It's an ongoing blog saga. Look at the end of this post for previous posts so you can track the recovery.

smashed finder recovering -

smashed finder recovering -

smashed finder recovering -

The coolest thing about the healing of the nail is that there appears to be almost 2 nails. The "lower" part (toward finger) looks pretty normal. The "upper" part (toward the tip) looks fairly nasty still. I may trim that upper part soon. BTW, there is no pain associated with it anymore. That's very cool.

Here's all the posts documenting the smashed finger saga (in reverse order):

Anyone with a story of a smashed finger, I'll be happy to post it. Just drop an email or feel free to comment on this post or any of the others.

Here's one from a reader named Gordon:

And in the meantime, feel free to distract yourself with some delightful music from my band, Soul Amp:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info and Pix. I have done my index finger the same way. It has been about 3-4 weeks now, and the pain has gone. Looks like the fingernail is in the process of coming off.
1.4 years for the fingernail to fully grow back, that's a mighty long time :( Better than not getting it back though!



M1 said...

Well it grew back before then, but it took it a while for it to look perfectly normal. I hope your's grows back quickly.