Thursday, July 22, 2010

Floating Glasses Illusion Photo - What's the deal with the different size lenses? Grow Your Mind as You Look at This Oddity - A song about a Friend

Time for a song. Like most of the Soul Amp songs it's an odd one:

It seems the story of life is to just keep plugging away. I've watched my mom do it. And my dad did it to. Therein lies the beauty of life. Not giving up and continuing to grow and enjoy what we have around us, right? Well that and beer (in moderation). That's what I think. You might think something different, but maybe that's what the freaky song above is mostly about I think as well as dealing with what people think of you including your friends and family.... and well you might find the following two photos strange to look at (don't let them freak you out too much)...I'll tell you how I did it sometime:

Chinese Bird Sculpture Floating in Midair Illusion -

Strange floating glasses illusion photo. Photos by Mike Fisk of Soul Amp

Chinese Bird Sculpture Floating in Midair Illusion -

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Have an exceptional Thursday. 1 day to go to Friday.... Yipee!