Monday, July 28, 2008

Slinky Slider - New Soul Amp Instrumental - InstruRock - Mixed Media Water Color and Pastel Photo

Slinky Slider. Mixed medida watercolor, pastel, and crayon painting. By Mike Fisk.

Click above link to listen to the tune.

It's another tune from the April 2008 Jam. It's an instrumental tune (instrurock if you like) that you can zone out to. It's mellow. It's strange and unusual like us.

The photo is a painting by me (M1) using pastels, water colors, crayons, and drawing pencils.

The painting was done a long time ago (I started it at E's one evening). The song suggested a title which suggested the painting. Here's a link to a bigger version of the pic:

Happy Monday and Enjoy!

Listen to the Soul Amp top ten by clicking this link.

Here's another strange photo and song:

Here's a water color and pastel image to check out:

Also, here's another odd painting the you might like:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Galactic Weed - LED Photo Art - Soul Amp Soundtrack Music - First tune with Strings

LED Photo Art pic of a weed using an LED key chain light and an LED snow globe type thingy. Photo by Mike Fisk

Here's another InstruRock tune from the April practice session. Used a "strings/orchestra" sample on this one. This is the first Soul Amp tune with strings. Seems like it could be used for a movie soundtrack, doesn't it? It inspired me to create these photos for it. Sorry it cuts out too short, but we gave up on it too soon. Enjoy! A Happy Friday and Weekend to Everyone.

Click here to listen:

More Galactic Weeds

Check out the Soul Amp Top Ten Tunes:

Here's more psychedelic Photo Art pictures:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scenic Shore 150 - Jersey Number - A Wonderful Bike Ride along shores of Lake Michigan...Mequon to Manitowoc to Sturgeon Bay...Cold, Rain, and Fog

My Scenic Shore 150 Jersey Number... you pin this with safety pins to your bicycle jersey. Photo by Mike Fisk

Well we did it for the second time. It was awesome. 150 miles along the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. From Mequon to Manitowoc on Saturday and from Manitowoc to Sturgeon Bay on Sunday. About 75 miles each day. E and I had a personal best mph average. We were pretty pleased about that.

The Scenic Shore 150 is a 2 day charity bicycle ride in Wisconsin starting from Mequon along the lake shore to Potawatomi State Park. Here's info on it --> Scenic Shore 150. All money donated goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to fight blood cancers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who donated.

And THANK YOU to all the volunteers that make this possible. And a Special Thank you to the guy who goes along the route in his jeep and uses a broom to sweep the gravel from the corners for us. You are wonderful! But no, I'm not going to add brooms to my bike to help you out as you suggested! =)

We had a bit of rain on Saturday, but then we lucked out big time. Saw a bunch of fog and we were cold some of the time near the lake, but all around, it was an amazing time and if you bicycle, I highly recommend this ride.

You still can donate if you want.

You can make online donations that will be tracked againt my fundraising goal here:

Be sure to check out some Soul Amp Music:

Obama's Sunday School Teacher - Satire - David and Goliath - Inane, mindless, between songs, Stupid Band Chatter....

Here's us talking between our made up songs. Yes it's satire... so don't get all worked up. It's pretty strange and there is one cuss word (to be warned). But it made me laugh and I thought might make you laugh too.

Here's some more band/gig chatter in between songs...
Here's free music for you:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Catchy Funky Groovy Soul Rap - Seventeen Again - Crazy Kurzweil PC2x Percussions - Overdriven Hammond B3 Organ from a Nord - Get your Ear Groove on

Here's the next tune from the basement April jam. Yep, I'll get back to the HOG gig first set in a short while.

So feast your ears on this one and a Happy Monday to ya:

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Soul Amplification - Red Tulip Pistil Macro Pic...But in your life you'll never find another...Arpeggiated Synth-Big B3-Mumble Worded Song

Red Tulip Pistil Macro Pic. Spring, May 2008, Milwaukee, WI. End of a very long and snowy winter. Photo by Mike Fisk

Red Tulip Pistil

But in Life You'll Never Find Another

Click the link above for the song. I'm digging this song. It's got to me tonight. Overdrove the Zoom H4 with the drums, but even that seems to work. There are no overdubs on this tune or anything we've recorded over the last year. So anything you hear on this site from May 2007 to now was record once 2 track and usual just one take. BTW, everything recorded on this site since this time last year has been on the Zoom H4.... and kudos to M2 for keeping the tempo perfect so the arpeggiated Nord Lead 2 synth sound always worked throughout the song... even though he was a bit nervous about it before we started....just a bit of recording trivia for you music geeks out there.

This one was recorded in Farkusville Studios in April 2008, Milwaukee, WI.

I have no idea what Bradly is singing on this song (sh*t we make this stuff up on the fly), but I caught enough to get a title. You've really got to stop and listen to this one and get into it... at least that's what I think. The last song I posted... well it's pretty blah... but this one is cool. If you think otherwise and you think it sucks horribly and you don't like us and all that cause we're different than you and not as cool as you in your mind tell us in an email or comment.... but please don't hate... love and do your thing in peace. Rock on my fellow salty bags of water... you're all beautiful.

Hey check out this strange photo flower collage and music to with it:

Here's more psychedelic Photo Art pictures:

Soul Amp is..Soul Amp is 3 electic people making music... Soul Amp described...Tortured Souls Amp Their Way to Musical Transcedence ;-)

Soul Amp is....

Soul Amp is made of three very eclectic members stumbling their way through life and living the best they can... and amplifying themselves through music. The following describes the non-musical aspects of the members of Soul Amp without tying those aspects to particular members:

  • Two are into sailing... One has sailed... One is into sailing even though doesn't really know much about it.
  • One has a sail boat.
  • One is a Catholic.
  • All are into bicycling (in one form or another)
  • One is totally into occultish, supernatural stuff.
  • All are into trying to save the world, but not really doing all that much but complain about politicians and blame others and sometimes themselves.
  • One is an atheist
  • Two are divorced.
  • One digs scooters and owns one.
  • All are liberal.
  • One is a janitor.
  • One is transgender.
  • One is a software developer.
  • At least one is into comic books.
  • One has tattoos.
  • Two have children.
  • One was once on the ski patrol.
  • One hosts bonfire parties at his house.
  • All are open to listening to new ideas however crazy... depending on the day and the idea.
  • One used to run a newspaper.
  • One is into birding. One looks at birds. One is trying to be a bird.
  • One has a pierced nose.
  • Two love to ski.
  • One is a dba... what's that? Database Administrator.
  • One is an atheist (at least was when last asked).
  • One owns/owned rats.
  • One is a Milwaukee Brewers fan and goes to too many games.
  • One has a Chihuahua.
  • All believe in peace.
  • One owns more drums than anyone person should (ok you know who that is) =).
  • All are into art.
  • One is an agnostic depending on the day.
  • Two like to paint (does the third? not sure).
  • All are a bit overweight, but working on that.
  • Two are shutter bugs... one is a video blogging bug... one is a shutter blogging is just a bug... just kidding... two blog really odd pics, but different odd.
  • All are middle aged.
  • Two have multiple ear piercings.
  • One has ridden a bicycle more than 150 miles in one weekend and will be doing that again soon.
  • One has a nose piercing.
  • One has a mom with Parkisons who sat through 3 long gigs in the front row.
  • All have family member and/or significant others who have suffered through so many Soul Amp gigs.
  • All the members love their families and significant others!

Ok, so if we three oddball people can get along and love each other, then all of us can! Not to say that we don't argue and fight some of the time (well 2 of us), but as Bradly once said, the intolerable have to tolerate each other. See ya.....

So there you have it; the definitive and the confusing world of Soul Amp. Check out our latest release:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pottery Photos in Spring - Pottery Images - Art Pottery - Art Romero Pottery - Pottery photos Outside and Inside - Colorado Pottery

Amazing, Exquisite, Beautiful Colorodo Artist Pottery photographed inside and outside in Wisconsin, May 2008. Pottery by Art Romero. Photo by Mike Fisk

Art Romero Here's some gorgeous pottery pieces of Art Romero of Windsor, Colorado. Click on the pics to zoon in and check them out:

Art Romero
Art Romero
Art Romero
Art Romero
Art Romero
Art Romero
Art Romero
Art Romero
Art Romero

Strange Blowup Bathroom Trashbag - Architecture airduct error or construction error - Friday Bizarre Thing - Trash bin built into wall

Ever expanding batchroom trashbag - photo by Mike Fisk

Found this weird thing at work. At night the janitors change the bathroom trash bags. Because of an error in either the way the walls/airducts were constructed, some of the bags blow up. Cracks me up and I've never seen anything like. Check it out.

Have a great weekend!!

Check out a recent Soul Amp song about Jet Lag.

Nord Electro too distorted and overpowering the mix....a new tune from an April 2008 Farkusville Studios basement live recording from WI Jam Band

Yep, swamped the Zoom H4 with Nord... but there are some good things to listen to here. Just what you get when you make up stuff on the fly... some of it soars... some of it roars... and some of it snores..... you get it all in the long version (about 22 minutes).... If you dare, take a listen... probably won't be your favorite tune, but some of it will stick to you some. Happy Friday Everybody!!

Check out us talking (kind of funny):

You got my beer.... contagious spider toxins.... goofy Milwaukee jam band talk

Us talking at an April basement (Farkusville Studios) jam session:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photo Collage - Sunset Feathers from a Jet Window Smudged - Fun with Paintshop Pro - Psychedelic Images - Enjoy

Photo Collage - Sunset Feathers from a Jet Window - photo art by Mike Fisk Check out where this image came from here:

Here's another Photo Collage:

And another (using flashlight photo art):

Here's more psychedelic Photo Art pictures:

Psychelic Queen Anne's Lace in Space

Autumn Collage

Flower Photo Collage with lot's of depth and detail to get lost in

Glass Earth Globe with blue LED light Photo Art - Looks like electric bolts

Strange finger peace sign LED Photo Art

A Weed surrounded by strange lights

Autumn Leaf and Tree

Swirling Autumn Pschedelic Leaf and Tree Photos

Street spin photo

Close up of a flower

Sunset Feathers from a Jet

Sunset Cloud Quilt

Here's a bigger copy of the above pic:

Here's some songs:

Free Songs

And here's a song that needs some work, but that I like a lot:

Photo Collage - Cloud Quilt - Sunsets from a Jet Airplane - Jet Lag - Sunrise or Sunset - Fun with Paintshop Pro - Collage Jigsaw Puzzle.

That's a photo collage I made of sunsets from a Jet Airplane. This went along with our new song:

I took the photos from the Jet Lag post:

Yep, I said I didn't think I would make another one anytime soon (since the Flower Rainbow one took so long to make). But this one was much easier. You can see the Flower Rainbow collage here:

Here's a bigger image of the Sunset College if you like:

Here's the psychedelic version of the above Sunset Collage:

Here's more psychedelic Photo Art pictures:

Here's free soul amp music for your enjoyment:

Improvisational Songs - Sunset Photos from Midwest Airlines M80 Jet - Jet Lag Song - Fender Strat, Nord Lead 2, Nord Electro 2, Lugwigs, On the Fly

Sunset from a Midwest Airlines jet airliner M80 in November 2008 on the way to Phoenix, AZ. Photo by Mike

Jet Lag

Before we get start on Soul Amp's new tune, I just wanted to mention that M2 has a new blog:

You need to check it out. It has a lot of cool pics. His other blog (the darker side) is:

Be sure to check out the Storm video (freaky how much lightening there is in it):

Also, have you seen Bradly's YouTube channel?:

Lots of great sailing stuff and confessional stuff. You need to stop by and learn about Bradly; one of my and M2's best friends, not just a bandmate. Check it out.

So now, here's another Bradly "made up" a tune. Just some more Soul Amp improvisational music. M2 asks the audience for a song topic and then we invent a new tune right then and there. This is the 2nd the tune of the May 2008 House of Guinness Gig.

Our set up at the HOG is in the picture below.

Kurzweil, Korg CX-3, Nord Electro 2, Nord Lead 2, and pretty blue Ludwigs. Not pictured is Bradly's Mexican Fender Strat. This is our set up at the House of Guinness in Waukesha, WI. Photo by M1

We've got a new PA amp that can run stereo (I'll get you details later). So now you'll find the keyboards are spread out into the left and right sides of the stereo spectrum... listen to some of the old live recordings to hear the difference.

Anyhow someone yells out "Jet Lag" and so we make up a tune about it (well Bradly mostly does, as he makes up the lyrics on the fly which are largely unintelligible to me).

The photos are from a trip I took to AZ last November (2007). We flew in the evening and so I snapped some shots of the sunset from the window. Some of them turned out all right. I hope you enjoy.

Jet Lag

Monday, July 07, 2008

Photo Collage-Psychedelic Flower Photos-Flower Rainbow - Bass line on Fender Guitar - Find band in pic - Photo Art Super Collage - Lillies - Live Jam

Flower Rainbows - Psychedelic Flower Collage - be sure to zoom in by clicking or get the larger image below - Photo art and photos by Mike Fisk

Check out this new piece of art work... it's a massive photo collage of mostly flowers (and some other surprises for you to find). You might find yourself spending a lot of time looking at this thing. I may do this again although it's quite time consuming.

If you are into it, click this link to see a much bigger image and download it for zooming in:

The tune is from our HOG gig back in May of 2008 (the year of this posting). It is the 3rd jam of the 2nd set and fourth from last. It features the Nord Electro and Nord Lead 2 quite a lot. There's a bit of piano and some Hammond B3 as well. It was recorded using the Zoom H4 on a tripod. The picture was inspired by the song. Remember we make up most of the stuff at our gigs and this tune is an example of that....

The tune is about 15 minutes long and so will give you some time finding all the weird stuff in the pic. All the photos were taken by me (M1) very recently. So they are mostly from the 2008 Wisconsin Summer (with a few others thrown in).

Here's the image that makes up one of the major themes in the pic (see if you can find it):

Lily over a concrete curb - Photo by Mike Fisk

Here's another photo collage if you're into that:

And another:

And another:

And here's more psychedelic Photo Art pictures:

Be sure to check out some free music (mp3s) here (Top Ten Soul Amp Songs):

And more here: