Monday, July 07, 2008

Photo Collage-Psychedelic Flower Photos-Flower Rainbow - Bass line on Fender Guitar - Find band in pic - Photo Art Super Collage - Lillies - Live Jam

Flower Rainbows - Psychedelic Flower Collage - be sure to zoom in by clicking or get the larger image below - Photo art and photos by Mike Fisk

Check out this new piece of art work... it's a massive photo collage of mostly flowers (and some other surprises for you to find). You might find yourself spending a lot of time looking at this thing. I may do this again although it's quite time consuming.

If you are into it, click this link to see a much bigger image and download it for zooming in:

The tune is from our HOG gig back in May of 2008 (the year of this posting). It is the 3rd jam of the 2nd set and fourth from last. It features the Nord Electro and Nord Lead 2 quite a lot. There's a bit of piano and some Hammond B3 as well. It was recorded using the Zoom H4 on a tripod. The picture was inspired by the song. Remember we make up most of the stuff at our gigs and this tune is an example of that....

The tune is about 15 minutes long and so will give you some time finding all the weird stuff in the pic. All the photos were taken by me (M1) very recently. So they are mostly from the 2008 Wisconsin Summer (with a few others thrown in).

Here's the image that makes up one of the major themes in the pic (see if you can find it):

Lily over a concrete curb - Photo by Mike Fisk

Here's another photo collage if you're into that:

And another:

And another:

And here's more psychedelic Photo Art pictures:

Be sure to check out some free music (mp3s) here (Top Ten Soul Amp Songs):

And more here:


Mafalda Castelo-Branco said...

what a wonderful work!!!

Anonymous said...

Great flower collage! Love it! How did you do that? Would love to try my own...