Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scenic Shore 150 - Jersey Number - A Wonderful Bike Ride along shores of Lake Michigan...Mequon to Manitowoc to Sturgeon Bay...Cold, Rain, and Fog

My Scenic Shore 150 Jersey Number... you pin this with safety pins to your bicycle jersey. Photo by Mike Fisk

Well we did it for the second time. It was awesome. 150 miles along the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. From Mequon to Manitowoc on Saturday and from Manitowoc to Sturgeon Bay on Sunday. About 75 miles each day. E and I had a personal best mph average. We were pretty pleased about that.

The Scenic Shore 150 is a 2 day charity bicycle ride in Wisconsin starting from Mequon along the lake shore to Potawatomi State Park. Here's info on it --> Scenic Shore 150. All money donated goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to fight blood cancers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who donated.

And THANK YOU to all the volunteers that make this possible. And a Special Thank you to the guy who goes along the route in his jeep and uses a broom to sweep the gravel from the corners for us. You are wonderful! But no, I'm not going to add brooms to my bike to help you out as you suggested! =)

We had a bit of rain on Saturday, but then we lucked out big time. Saw a bunch of fog and we were cold some of the time near the lake, but all around, it was an amazing time and if you bicycle, I highly recommend this ride.

You still can donate if you want.

You can make online donations that will be tracked againt my fundraising goal here:

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