Thursday, July 10, 2008

Improvisational Songs - Sunset Photos from Midwest Airlines M80 Jet - Jet Lag Song - Fender Strat, Nord Lead 2, Nord Electro 2, Lugwigs, On the Fly

Sunset from a Midwest Airlines jet airliner M80 in November 2008 on the way to Phoenix, AZ. Photo by Mike

Jet Lag

Before we get start on Soul Amp's new tune, I just wanted to mention that M2 has a new blog:

You need to check it out. It has a lot of cool pics. His other blog (the darker side) is:

Be sure to check out the Storm video (freaky how much lightening there is in it):

Also, have you seen Bradly's YouTube channel?:

Lots of great sailing stuff and confessional stuff. You need to stop by and learn about Bradly; one of my and M2's best friends, not just a bandmate. Check it out.

So now, here's another Bradly "made up" a tune. Just some more Soul Amp improvisational music. M2 asks the audience for a song topic and then we invent a new tune right then and there. This is the 2nd the tune of the May 2008 House of Guinness Gig.

Our set up at the HOG is in the picture below.

Kurzweil, Korg CX-3, Nord Electro 2, Nord Lead 2, and pretty blue Ludwigs. Not pictured is Bradly's Mexican Fender Strat. This is our set up at the House of Guinness in Waukesha, WI. Photo by M1

We've got a new PA amp that can run stereo (I'll get you details later). So now you'll find the keyboards are spread out into the left and right sides of the stereo spectrum... listen to some of the old live recordings to hear the difference.

Anyhow someone yells out "Jet Lag" and so we make up a tune about it (well Bradly mostly does, as he makes up the lyrics on the fly which are largely unintelligible to me).

The photos are from a trip I took to AZ last November (2007). We flew in the evening and so I snapped some shots of the sunset from the window. Some of them turned out all right. I hope you enjoy.

Jet Lag

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