Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photo Collage - Cloud Quilt - Sunsets from a Jet Airplane - Jet Lag - Sunrise or Sunset - Fun with Paintshop Pro - Collage Jigsaw Puzzle.

That's a photo collage I made of sunsets from a Jet Airplane. This went along with our new song:

I took the photos from the Jet Lag post:

Yep, I said I didn't think I would make another one anytime soon (since the Flower Rainbow one took so long to make). But this one was much easier. You can see the Flower Rainbow collage here:

Here's a bigger image of the Sunset College if you like:

Here's the psychedelic version of the above Sunset Collage:

Here's more psychedelic Photo Art pictures:

Here's free soul amp music for your enjoyment:

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