Thursday, October 27, 2005

November 10 - Madison

We'll be returning to The Klinic on thursday November 10th. The Dammitheads from Racine and Jeff Caissie from Madison will be joining us.

Spooky - Main Stage - 29th

We'll be at the Main Stage fronting Standing Noise as they rip through all of Led Zep II.

We are wearing a "sound costume".

We're gonna to a "jam-band" type set...and toss in a few songs. Should be fun.

Monday, October 17, 2005

CDBaby Restocking Inventory

Hey folks. We've sent more disks out to CDBaby to replenish inventory after this past weekends gig in Milwaukee. The article at has emptied our inventory at so hang on more are on the way.


Friday, October 14, 2005

First Press!

On has written an article on us and has given the first press for "Strip Mall Heaven".

We are totally stoked.

Read it here.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

House of Guinness - October 20

Be there will be fun. Starting around 8:30-9.

House of Guinness
354 Main Street
Historic Downtown Waukesha, WI

For Immediate Release

Soul Amp plays Waukesha's House of Guinness - Thursday October 20th. 9 p.m.

One would not expect a traditional Irish pub known for it's depth in presenting international touring Irish bands to host a local non-Irish rock band particularly one that plays all original music. But when it comes to rock it is hard to pin down Soul Amp. Soul Amp is known for their songwriting and eclectic performances that run the gamut of indie pop, adult album alternative, rock and Americana. Toss in a little jam or two and even a raucous pop punk tune you have a enjoyable evening of music from one band.

The Waukesha three piece of guitar, keyboards and drums has shown they can adapt to a variety of venues from coffee houses to hard rock venues across south east Wisconsin, drawing on a music catalog of dozens of original songs, flexibility and a keen stage awareness.
The band's debut album "Strip Mall Heaven" released on their own label is a sampling of the many songs written, recorded and produced by singer/guitarist Brad Odland and keyboardist Mike Fisk. The disk has challenged recent reviewers to pin this band down but find that there doesn't have to be any pigeonholing required to enjoy the finely crafted songs and improvised excursions from this atypical band. Waukesha native and veteran drummer Mike Netteshiem completes the trio.

More about Soul Amp visit the band's website at

House of Guinness is located at 354 W. Main street in historic downtown Waukesha.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Purevolume - Rock 102.1 "The Scene"

Bit of news...

I set up a profile and we've been accepted to In a few days you can play two tracks from Strip Mall Heaven there.

Also we got a play of "Seeing Jimmy" on Milwaukee's Alternative 102.1 thanks to DJ Kramp and his show "The Scene".

Bands looking goet some air time on Milwaukees premier Alt Rock station should send recent releaases to:

The Scene c/o Brian Kramp
102.1 Milwaukee's Alternative
2979 N. Mayfair Road
Milwaukee WI 53222 USA

And here is another plug for October 15th....
Also don't forget about October 20th at the House of Guiness in Waukesha. That is going to be an earlier show and will be a up close and intimate evening of music. We'll be doing some jams in addition to our songs and we'll be mixing it up a bit on the intstrumentation quite possibly. All in all it will be a nice all Soul Amp show.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Onopa on Saturday

We're playing Onopa Brewing ( this coming Saturday Oct 15 with Dallas Orbiter ( and The Willis ( Show starts at 10 PM. Be sure to check out the music on these bands' websites. They rock.

Onopa's address:

735 E Center St
Milwaukee, WI

Here's a map:

Interactive Map

See ya there!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hey Douchebag! Your Band Sucks.

I ran across this site the other day

Rock and Roll Confidential

It is a humbling place to visit for any new band. It is a site celebrating all that is bad in local rock music scenes everywhere. You know mullets, brickwalls, railroad tracks, bad metal. They should rename the site ""

After you stop vomiting and questioning every last thing you have done, make sure you view the RRCTV video's. Specifically episode two with Phraap. Because the vast majority of rock and roll is exactly what those bands are and we all have some level of douchbag in all of us...(ewwwww yuk....I can't believe I just typed

Funny thing is the spirit is there....misguided as it maybe, as schlocky as it is you can't help but be drawn in by the band's dedication to underachievment. Lucky for the band who find themselves under the eye of RRC as it may be the only modicum of fame they will grasp. It makes one wonder just what defines success? A big contract? Millions of dollars...or simply to play a decent show, get paid, make a album or two and maybe touch a few people along the way...(hey don't go there...). I know for us it is simply do what we do and move on. Maybe sell a few disks here and there and write some decent songs that at the end of the day you can still stick in the CD player and listen to once in a while. I know I have boxes of old recordings, song ideas that every once in a while I take out and listen to....and ask myself...."What the hell was I thinking?" As M2's the "horror" part in "for the glory and the horror" that is rock and roll. It is inescapable for any band to avoid. There will always be the horror you just have to cope with it...learn to accept your inner "douchebag"....(oh man I am cracking myself now.) That is what this blog and our podcast is all about. Call it a movement...a large, foul and uncomfortable hard rock movement as bands are exposing themselves more and more on the internet in attempts to climb above the fray. (how about that imagery...)

So maybe the band Phraap is perfectly comfortable with their stoned and drunk douchebag rock and roll it's okay to laugh with them and maybe take a pull too. It's all part of the show.

One thing is for sure....I am glad we didn't use the brickwall pic....though I must admit...this one could make the hall of douchebags....


P.S. - If you are thinking of submitting us...don't bother I already did.

Monday, October 03, 2005

The quest for reviews....

This is from Splendid Zine.

It is the CDs they threw away....many unopened. Unassigned or awaiting review.

I am sure this is the same at every magazine and places where artists are looking for reviews. So just sending a disk is not really enough.

There are forty-seven million other bands clogging inboxes.

Listening to SomaFM's "Indie Pop Rocks" channel on iTunes Radio it becaome painfully clear just how much really great music is made everyday.....


that is all.