Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Soul Amp - Milwaukee, WI

Soul Amp is a Milwaukee Alternate Jam Band. And so you've came to the right place for Soul Amp. Here you'll find music, photos, opinions, videos and links to tons of other sites like Bradly's blogs and M2's blog.

There are a ton of free MP3 samples to be had.

You'll find a lot of stuff on Milwaukee and Waukesha WI. Including our favorite places and lots on Lake Michigan.

So enjoy the Soul Amp Experience and be sure to check out all the links on the righthand side.

The Falcon "Chinook Class #6" built in Portland, Oregon between 1955 and 1957 - Who built the Falcon Chinook? - The sailing song New Day by Soul Amp..

Just got a comment from a Bob in Oregon:

"My father and I built The Falcon "Chinook Class #6" in Portland, Oregon between 1955 and 1957, when she was launched. Her first 12 years were spent on the Columbia River at Portland, Oregon. She was then sold and moved to the Puget Sound area, where we eventually lost track of her. I'm sorry to see this grand old vessel, who clearly gave many people much happiness, has finally met her end."

Thanks again Bob for your comment.

And there are a lot more Soul Amp tunes here:


Here's the rest of the posts on the Falcon:

Check out this song too about sailing (it's free):

New Day

Click here for the lyrics to New Day. Stuff like "See the joy on you face...Makes me smile...Feel the sand in your toes for a while..." Seriously, you need to check out this song.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Biofuels suck.... solar, solar, solar....


We can't eat diesel. This is really old news. They have never shown that creating biofuels was efficient. Nice idea, but it was never proven to empirically work. They started implementing it before the technology was ever there and may never be there.

What a scam.

The only answer that seens to make sense energy-wise is solar.


Friday, February 08, 2008

Aquarium Drunkard inspiration - Graceland - Elvis - The King - Thanksgiving Flower pictures - Trapped in Your Clothes

Elvis Presley Blvd... yep, the King means a lot to Memphis

I was inspired by a post by Aquarium Drunkard on a visit to Graceland. I had been there myself about 15 years ago and I don't have too many pictures left from there (got lost in the living), but I do have these. I wrote a song that Soul Amp recorded called Trapped in Your Clothes that's partly about all the stuff we do to express ourselves and yet get trapped in that. The King was definitely trapped in my opinion. Here's Aquarium Drunkard's post on Graceland and the King:

There's some more to Trapped in Your Clothes beyond getting trapped. It's also about the elusiveness of happiness and dealing with mortality (all stuff we all go through and the King did quite publicly). But you can check out the song and hear for yourself. Here's the lyrics to Trapped in Your Clothes. The flower pics are one's I took at my mom's at Thanksgiving in Colorado a few years back. She worked diligently that year to bring the flowers in each day to keep them alive for as long as she could. It was very very cool that she did that, I thought, and so it's also part of the song.

Here's the song:

The King's plane... we didn't go into the car/plane musuem that's across the street from Graceland, but you can check out his plane easily enough from the street... at least you could back then. Dig the TCB lightning bolt on the tail.

This is the backyard at Graceland. Some of his relatives still lived there and came out to check out the latest batch of tourists. I was surprised how small Graceland is. The King was much bigger than the building =)

Here's some pics of my mom's Thanksgiving Day flowers:

soulamp.com vs soul-amp.com

Just so you know (in case you were looking for something else) we are not soulamp.com..... we are soul-amp.com... don't forget the dash! The other soul amp is a catholic music deal... we are the Rock and Roll Soul Amp.... just to clarify.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sprizzo's is the best place to chill -- Sprizzo's is the first place Milwaukee Alternative act Soul Amp ever played!

Sprizzo's in Waukesha... the back door... - photo by Mike FiskSprizzo's in Waukesha... the back door... - photo by Mike Fisk - soul-amp.com

Sprizzo's is a Gallery Cafe in Waukesha, WI. And it's a very cool place to chill. There is much to like about Sprizzo's including the good vibe, the food , the coffee, and beer and wine selections. They also sometimes do the food for events at the House of Guinness which is another Soul Amp favorite... (endorsed by Soul Amp haha).

Sprizzo's is one of Soul Amp's favorite hang outs and also the first place we played together at an open mic and the second place we ever played as a proper gig.

You need to check them out:


And you need to check out the top 10 Soul Amp tunes:


Soul Amp posts pictures of Wauwatosa Giant Santa - Jan 2004

They kept that Giant Santa Claus up for quite a while. Here it is on Jan 21 2004... they rock the plastic santa that's for sure!.... Check out more pics of the Giant Santa by clicking here.

Milwaukee Holiday/Christmas Lights-2004 - Duck looks in Milwaukee River, Michigan Ave, Ziedler Park, Giant Plastic Santa Claus on a Porch in Wauwatosa

Here's more Milwaukee Christmas Lights from Jan 4, 2004 and Dec 4, 2004... so 2 different Christmases... 12 months apart. You can find more Milwaukee Holiday lights here and here. Check out the giant Santa Claus from a house in Wauwatosa. Very cool. It's not one of the those inflatable things you buy at the evil empire, but rather is the real-deal hard plastic. I wonder how the heck they got it on their porch????? hmmmmm...... There's also pics of Ziedler park with the gears and keyboard and weird stuff on the gazebo. And a pic of a bronze duck looking into the Milwaukee river ...the Bernstien Bear Orchestra at Grand Ave Mall....all very cool stuff. As I write this, the wind from the blizzard tonight is banging on my door.... excellent... I love the way nature likes to try in kick our asses up here in the Northern climes of Wisconsin... Enjoy! BTW... the Jan 4, 2004 pics are at the end... so it's not in chronological order.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile at the Milwaukee Holiday Parade

Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile at the Milwaukee Holiday/Christmas Parade 2007

Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile at the Milwaukee Holiday/Christmas Parade 2007 - photo by Mike Fisk -- soul-amp.com

Here's the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile at the Milwaukee Holiday Parade in 2007. The parade is very cool and excellent for kids and for people with a kid inside them (like most of us really). I'll post more pics of the Holiday Parade later but I've always like this bit of mobile advertising since I was a kid (although it was a bit different back then). Here's a pic of the first wiener mobile (I wonder how they were able to see to drive). OK, I'm not that old. Here's the one from when I was a kid. Milwaukee's Stevens Automotive Corporation built this one in 1988. Here's another pic of the wienermobile from the 2007 Milwaukee Christmas Parade:

Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile at the Milwaukee Holiday/Christmas Parade 2007 - photo by Mike Fisk -- soul-amp.com

Here's some pics of Milwaukee Christmas Lights as well as some Holiday Lights at Ziedler Park.