Saturday, May 24, 2008

Root River Flooding Pictures... West Allis, WI 4-10-2008

Be sure to check ou the new pics of the Root River flood in June 2008 that can be found

Here's some pics I took of the Root River flooding in West Allis, WI in April of 2008. It's usually a tiny creek of 3 to 5 feet wide. That night it was a raging torrent (well relatively speaking). The snow had just melted and the ground was still frozen and was not absorbing much water. In parts of the river that got dammed up with debris, it had become a small lake.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Amp's Soul is from the Generation of Pure Rock... with a smathering of everything...time for a listen to Amp the Soul

Here's the place to be for music in the pursuit of amplifying your soul. We try to get our brains out of it and play from the heart.

You can wander around in the our big listing of Soul Amp music:

Or check out the top ten Amp Songs:

Or just sit back and let the music of this long tune take you wherever.... I guarantee you'll have bits of this music stuck in your head in a good way after just one listen:

Thank you for stopping by.

Oh, and if you like jammy, "instrurock" tunes, check out Mindedelic Flower Rainbows:

Psychedelic pic of the Nord Electro 2 and Hammond M3 and lyric writing Bradly style... Ice Beneath the Snow.

Psychedelic Nord Electro 2 with a Hammond M3 in the background. Photo by Mike Fisk
Time to see how Bradly's brain works. Below are the lyrics for Ice Beneath the Snow that he was reading while he was singing the song. So listen to the song here:

Ice Beneath the Snow

While reading his lyrics... just odd how what he sings fits perfectly and the lyrics don't necessarily match... not sure how he does that.

You can also watch the video of him doing it here:

Ice Beneath the Snow - Video

Bradly Odland's lyrics to Ice Beneath the Snow page 1. Photo by Mike Fisk

Bradly Odland's lyrics to Ice Beneath the Snow page 2. Photo by Mike Fisk

Here's more psychedelic Photo Art pictures:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To House of Guinness and our fans: Thank you!

Thank you for the warm reception during our gig at HOG on Friday, May 9, 2008. The band had a kick *ss time and we hope you did too. All the tunes from the gig will be posted here in the coming weeks. So don't be a stranger!

T-bow bobblehead curse continues....

Unfortunately, the Derrick Turnbow bobblehead curse continues:

I do wish the best for Derrick.... good luck in the minors and quit worrying about things and just throw the d*mn ball. =)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

umbut - to doubt - a term to express doubt when talking about designs of an engineering nature

I had this weird dream last night that I was an electrical engineer for some mining company... actually in my dream I was a consultant for the company....but no matter. So I'm sitting around this table at a restaurant with other engineers and everytime someone has an idea about something, this one guy across the table from me says.... "ummmmm but" and then gives a reason why he doesn't think it won't work. Then this waiter comes over and he says to him that we're discussing the "umbuts" meaning the doubts about the design. It just stuck with me. So now I'll introduce this new term to the world... (unless somebody else already made it up).... welcome to "umbut".


Umbut, I think that term may already have been used somewhere dude.

Ok, bye for now.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Derrick Turnbow Bobblehead Curse...Turnbow and Mets....Turnbow Mojo..May 13th, 2006 Brewers vs Mets...flashlight photo art....a bobblehead with hair

Derrick Turnbow Bobblehead looking a bit concerned (flashlight photo art). Photo by Mike Fisk.
Saturday May 13th, 2006 was Derrick Turnbow bobblehead day. This was the day a voodoo curse was placed on Derrick Turnbow by a New York Mets fan. He stole Derrick's pitching mojo. I was there and I saw it. He was sitting in the row in front of me and I take some of the blame because I could have stopped him. This curse may have been unwittingly placed... an act of drunken stupidity, but perhaps it was done all in malice. On that day, just before Derrick came to the mound to close the game, the fan ripped the head from the Turnbow bobblehead and with its spring dangling from its detached head, he rudely tossed the remains over the railing to the seats below.

Derrick Turnbow Bobblehead looking not a bit happy that now that he found out about the curse. (flashlight photo art...interesting how the light changes his expression). Photo by Mike Fisk.

Had only I intervened... how history would have changed.

Thus began the curse that has plague Turnbow with wild pitch after wild pitch.

Turnbow had been on the rise up until then. He was the rock star pitcher. The crowds went nuts when his name was called out to close a game. Since then his star has fallen and it's all due to this Mets fan.

Derrick Turnbow Bobblehead remembering the previous glory (flashlight photo art). Check out the cool hair... that's the only bobblehead with hair that I'm aware of...Photo by Mike Fisk.

We have decided to finally rectify and reverse this curse. Through various incantations, potions, and spells, we have removed the curse from you, Derrick (although both curse and cure are null and void if you end up pitching for some other franchise other than the Brewers and their affiliates). So no more worries, Derrick. Just throw strikes without thought. The curse is gone and your command and consistency will return. Your pitching mojo has been returned!

Derrick Turnbow Bobblehead looking relived to know that the curse is gone (flashlight photo art). Photo by Mike Fisk.

Disclaimer: Your's truely doesn't really believe any of this stuff... it's all for laughs and we sincerely hope with all out hearts that Derrick does get his command back and helps the Brewers to the playoffs. They need you buddy!

Be sure to catch some groovy free music while you're here!

You can catch more flashlightphoto art here:

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Strange Peace Sign - Life and Beauty is all in the Shit... tolerance for the shit....weird led light photo art w/ peace fingers and abstract pillows

Light photo art... peace fingers... photo by Mike

The grubs, worms, dangerous fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, all kinds of rotting matter, make up that perfect lawn. The human beside you or the baby in your arms that you love and find beatiful is full of guts and sh*t and all kinds of disgusting stuff. Your amazing home got there because you sucked away the dust mites and flushed the shit and scrubbed the rotting material away and there still some left and there'll be more tomorrow and all that you flushed away is still with us. And so on.... I could go on quite a bit on this and so can you. There's a ton of it. So everybody let's get over ourselves, our races, our religions, our countries, our ways of life....because life and beauty is in the shit, there's ice beneath the snow... it's time to make a motion of love....

Be tolerant of others because they are made of shit just like you and they and you are beautiful.

As my niece would say, Peace Out!

Make A Motion of Love

Here's some more light photo art. These were created by leaving the aperture open, take a pic with a flash, and then moving the camera in front of some of the led's in the electronics (like the DVD player and Wireless hub) in the darkened room. Enjoy.

Light photo art... peace fingers... photo by Mike

Light photo art... peace fingers... photo by Mike

Light photo art... peace fingers... photo by Mike

Light photo art... abstract pillow... photo by Mike

Light photo art... abstract pillow... photo by Mike

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