Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Milwaukee Holiday/Christmas Lights-2004 - Duck looks in Milwaukee River, Michigan Ave, Ziedler Park, Giant Plastic Santa Claus on a Porch in Wauwatosa

Here's more Milwaukee Christmas Lights from Jan 4, 2004 and Dec 4, 2004... so 2 different Christmases... 12 months apart. You can find more Milwaukee Holiday lights here and here. Check out the giant Santa Claus from a house in Wauwatosa. Very cool. It's not one of the those inflatable things you buy at the evil empire, but rather is the real-deal hard plastic. I wonder how the heck they got it on their porch????? hmmmmm...... There's also pics of Ziedler park with the gears and keyboard and weird stuff on the gazebo. And a pic of a bronze duck looking into the Milwaukee river ...the Bernstien Bear Orchestra at Grand Ave Mall....all very cool stuff. As I write this, the wind from the blizzard tonight is banging on my door.... excellent... I love the way nature likes to try in kick our asses up here in the Northern climes of Wisconsin... Enjoy! BTW... the Jan 4, 2004 pics are at the end... so it's not in chronological order.

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