Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Purevolume - Rock 102.1 "The Scene"

Bit of news...

I set up a profile and we've been accepted to In a few days you can play two tracks from Strip Mall Heaven there.

Also we got a play of "Seeing Jimmy" on Milwaukee's Alternative 102.1 thanks to DJ Kramp and his show "The Scene".

Bands looking goet some air time on Milwaukees premier Alt Rock station should send recent releaases to:

The Scene c/o Brian Kramp
102.1 Milwaukee's Alternative
2979 N. Mayfair Road
Milwaukee WI 53222 USA

And here is another plug for October 15th....
Also don't forget about October 20th at the House of Guiness in Waukesha. That is going to be an earlier show and will be a up close and intimate evening of music. We'll be doing some jams in addition to our songs and we'll be mixing it up a bit on the intstrumentation quite possibly. All in all it will be a nice all Soul Amp show.

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