Thursday, October 13, 2005

House of Guinness - October 20

Be there will be fun. Starting around 8:30-9.

House of Guinness
354 Main Street
Historic Downtown Waukesha, WI

For Immediate Release

Soul Amp plays Waukesha's House of Guinness - Thursday October 20th. 9 p.m.

One would not expect a traditional Irish pub known for it's depth in presenting international touring Irish bands to host a local non-Irish rock band particularly one that plays all original music. But when it comes to rock it is hard to pin down Soul Amp. Soul Amp is known for their songwriting and eclectic performances that run the gamut of indie pop, adult album alternative, rock and Americana. Toss in a little jam or two and even a raucous pop punk tune you have a enjoyable evening of music from one band.

The Waukesha three piece of guitar, keyboards and drums has shown they can adapt to a variety of venues from coffee houses to hard rock venues across south east Wisconsin, drawing on a music catalog of dozens of original songs, flexibility and a keen stage awareness.
The band's debut album "Strip Mall Heaven" released on their own label is a sampling of the many songs written, recorded and produced by singer/guitarist Brad Odland and keyboardist Mike Fisk. The disk has challenged recent reviewers to pin this band down but find that there doesn't have to be any pigeonholing required to enjoy the finely crafted songs and improvised excursions from this atypical band. Waukesha native and veteran drummer Mike Netteshiem completes the trio.

More about Soul Amp visit the band's website at

House of Guinness is located at 354 W. Main street in historic downtown Waukesha.

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