Saturday, July 12, 2008

Soul Amp is..Soul Amp is 3 electic people making music... Soul Amp described...Tortured Souls Amp Their Way to Musical Transcedence ;-)

Soul Amp is....

Soul Amp is made of three very eclectic members stumbling their way through life and living the best they can... and amplifying themselves through music. The following describes the non-musical aspects of the members of Soul Amp without tying those aspects to particular members:

  • Two are into sailing... One has sailed... One is into sailing even though doesn't really know much about it.
  • One has a sail boat.
  • One is a Catholic.
  • All are into bicycling (in one form or another)
  • One is totally into occultish, supernatural stuff.
  • All are into trying to save the world, but not really doing all that much but complain about politicians and blame others and sometimes themselves.
  • One is an atheist
  • Two are divorced.
  • One digs scooters and owns one.
  • All are liberal.
  • One is a janitor.
  • One is transgender.
  • One is a software developer.
  • At least one is into comic books.
  • One has tattoos.
  • Two have children.
  • One was once on the ski patrol.
  • One hosts bonfire parties at his house.
  • All are open to listening to new ideas however crazy... depending on the day and the idea.
  • One used to run a newspaper.
  • One is into birding. One looks at birds. One is trying to be a bird.
  • One has a pierced nose.
  • Two love to ski.
  • One is a dba... what's that? Database Administrator.
  • One is an atheist (at least was when last asked).
  • One owns/owned rats.
  • One is a Milwaukee Brewers fan and goes to too many games.
  • One has a Chihuahua.
  • All believe in peace.
  • One owns more drums than anyone person should (ok you know who that is) =).
  • All are into art.
  • One is an agnostic depending on the day.
  • Two like to paint (does the third? not sure).
  • All are a bit overweight, but working on that.
  • Two are shutter bugs... one is a video blogging bug... one is a shutter blogging is just a bug... just kidding... two blog really odd pics, but different odd.
  • All are middle aged.
  • Two have multiple ear piercings.
  • One has ridden a bicycle more than 150 miles in one weekend and will be doing that again soon.
  • One has a nose piercing.
  • One has a mom with Parkisons who sat through 3 long gigs in the front row.
  • All have family member and/or significant others who have suffered through so many Soul Amp gigs.
  • All the members love their families and significant others!

Ok, so if we three oddball people can get along and love each other, then all of us can! Not to say that we don't argue and fight some of the time (well 2 of us), but as Bradly once said, the intolerable have to tolerate each other. See ya.....

So there you have it; the definitive and the confusing world of Soul Amp. Check out our latest release:

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