Saturday, July 12, 2008

Soul Amplification - Red Tulip Pistil Macro Pic...But in your life you'll never find another...Arpeggiated Synth-Big B3-Mumble Worded Song

Red Tulip Pistil Macro Pic. Spring, May 2008, Milwaukee, WI. End of a very long and snowy winter. Photo by Mike Fisk

Red Tulip Pistil

But in Life You'll Never Find Another

Click the link above for the song. I'm digging this song. It's got to me tonight. Overdrove the Zoom H4 with the drums, but even that seems to work. There are no overdubs on this tune or anything we've recorded over the last year. So anything you hear on this site from May 2007 to now was record once 2 track and usual just one take. BTW, everything recorded on this site since this time last year has been on the Zoom H4.... and kudos to M2 for keeping the tempo perfect so the arpeggiated Nord Lead 2 synth sound always worked throughout the song... even though he was a bit nervous about it before we started....just a bit of recording trivia for you music geeks out there.

This one was recorded in Farkusville Studios in April 2008, Milwaukee, WI.

I have no idea what Bradly is singing on this song (sh*t we make this stuff up on the fly), but I caught enough to get a title. You've really got to stop and listen to this one and get into it... at least that's what I think. The last song I posted... well it's pretty blah... but this one is cool. If you think otherwise and you think it sucks horribly and you don't like us and all that cause we're different than you and not as cool as you in your mind tell us in an email or comment.... but please don't hate... love and do your thing in peace. Rock on my fellow salty bags of water... you're all beautiful.

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