Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Happy Monday tune for ya....

Here's yet another tune from the 9-13-2007 practice session. Just another one of our made up on-the-spot jams. This one is call "The Clown is Down"....the name is a reference to a Simpsons episode:

Judge Roy Snyder

OK, this tune is not actually inspired by this story... but the name came up as we were listening to the tune right after recording it....seems to fit...Here's the story:

Judge Roy Snyder has a figurine on his desk of a clown fishing. In this episode he comes beck from vacation. A temporary judge Constance Harm is about to bang her gavel and give Bart a sentence to juvie. Judge Snyder puts the clown on his desk and says, “Well, I’m back from vacation”. Judge Harm tries to argue with him, but he says, “No, it’s too late. I’ve already put my clown down.” Judge Harm tries to argue again, but then Judge Snyder says in a deep voice, “The clown is down,” and dismisses Bart’s case.

Anyhow, we hope you enjoy the tune:

The Clown is Down

It features the usual instrumentation including some Nord Electro 2 and Nord Lead 2.

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