Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lapham Peak Photo - Butterfly Garden - Sunset at Lapham - Remants of Eden

Here's M2's take on how we continue to mess up our small planet and mess with each other. I dig Maggie's comment pointing out how in the bible that all the evil we live with began in Eden.

I think things have always been a bit messed up.... it's just that now there are so many of us that it's magnified. As the population grows, the original nature is disappearing and being replaced by a human-constructed nature. I don't think I really want to go back to nature nature and have something stalking me. (Instead I'll enjoy a walk at Lapham Peak, sitting around a campfire with M2, V, family and friends, biking with E, and sailing with Brad.) Nature in its indifference doesn't care whether or not you live or die. Man is not so indifferent ususally. And that's our beauty and our shame. We sometimes love and care and nuture and we sometimes hate and destroy. I see it in the kindest of us and in the meanest of us. The dialog needs to continue and we each need to do what we can to note all our own shame and beauty while striving to shine. That's what I say as I sit this morning with hope.

Thanks for inspiring me once again Mr. Voodoodrummer!

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