Thursday, September 20, 2007

Surburban Summer Symphony - World from my doorstep.....Noises of West Allis, WI

No music this time.... or is it....

I set the Zoom H4 on my front door stoop a few weeks back and just happened to catch this 3.5 minute symphony of natural and manmade sounds. I think it's pretty cool how there are 3 or 4 themes that occur starting with the crickets, then the airplane flying over, a car starting up and driving by, and ending with chorus of cidadas. This "nature" sample kind of fits in with the recent post about nature and man. As I listen to it I realize how often I'm too busy to listen to the busyness all around me. So here ya go... a relaxing slice of suburban summer:
World from my stoop/doorstep ....
The pic is from the stoop where the recording occurred.

Have a great Thursday!

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