Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gig reminder.... Lapham Peak Butterfly Garden Wild Flower

Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be playing at the House of Guinness in Waukesha on Oct 5. Be sure to stop by, have a pint or two, and check out some mind-twisting sounds from Soul Amp braintrust.

So in the meantime.... here's some native wild flowers from Lapham Peak that I captured Saturday (9/14/2007) in the butterfly garden:

Lapham Peak Butterfly Garden - Wild Flowers sept 2007 - photograph by Michael Fisk

Lapham Peak Butterfly Garden Wild Flower -
Looks kind of like they are floating, doesn't it?....

Check out the tower at Lapham and here's the hiking/cross country skiing map.

I used the Zoom H4 to capture some sounds... I'll edit and post them and some pics later.

Anyhow... talk to you in a while and watch for a new tune from the Amp later today.

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