Saturday, September 22, 2007

some band name ideas we had before "soul amp"...

After we formed the band we went through the standard band naming exercises. I will try and dig up some of the names from an old email and post them soonish.

But here's a couple of them people came up for us. Brad's daughter thought we should be called the Fuzzy Rainbow Monkeys. She's also a musician. Click here to listen to her music. We even ended up naming one of our jams Exquisite Fuzzy Rainbow Monkeys.

During the naming processing E thought that we should be called "Sexy Mobile Homers".

I think one of Brad's favorites was "Minivans in Space".

We ran through the band name sites. Here's one:

But we finally landed on "Soul Amp". The way that came about is we were practicing in Brad's basement aka the catbox. M2 said something like "I need this for my soul". Meaning he needed the music we were playing for his soul. So I said "to amp your soul". And then I think he said (or maybe it was me) that that should be the name of the band... well not Amp Soul, but Soul Amp. So there you have it. Lesson learned... don't force a band name.... just let it happen.

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