Thursday, November 01, 2007

Audio recording of Voodoo Drum Circle at Octoberfest near Lake Geneva - Beer bottle photo in front of bonfie

Bonfire - Beer Bottle - Ocktoberfest in Lake Geneva 2007 - soul-amp.comBonfire - Beer Bottle - Ocktoberfest in Lake Geneva 2007

Here's the first of the drum circle tracks from the party earlier this month when we hung at M2's, had a bon fire, and played some of M2's hand drums (bongos, congas, a bunch of other drums I don't know the name of). It was recorded at 24 bit using the Zoom H4 mounted on a tripod. On this track, I have the Zoom in front of the fire (so that the fire is behind the Zoom and we drummers are in front of it). On some of the other tracks, I have the Zoom behind the fire. I dig the sound of the cars swooshing by and the crackle of the fire.... and the conversation is pretty interesting as well. In fact, I named this sample from stuff said on the recording.... Enjoy!

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