Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Photo of Sunrise Flame in Rearview Mirror in Montana on the way to Big Sky to Ski - Morning Song Audio Recording - Photos of I94 North Dakato/Montana

Sunrise in Rearview Mirror in Montana on the way to skiing at Big Sky. Photo by Mike Fisk

Sun rising in the rearview mirror - I94 - North Dakota - March 2005 - Sun rising in the rear view mirror of my Chevy truck on I94 in Montana or North Dakota - March 2005

Here's another tune from our HOG gig of "made up on the spot" tunes on October 5. I'm still mastering in reverse order! I'm calling this one "The Morning Song (Eaemgie)" for someone I'm very close to who said they really liked this one. It seems to me to have the feeling you get when you've stayed up all night and the sun is just rising which reminded me of a drive I made straight through from Wisconsin to Montana to be with that same someone that this song is named for..... crazy huh?.....well here's morning pics from that drive.....but first the tune which was recording using the Zoom H4 on a tripod at the HOG:

The Morning Song (Eaemgie) an MP3

Powerlines in North Dakota. Photo by Mike Fisk

I94 - North Dakota - High tension power lines - March 2005 - Power lines on I94 in North Dakota... I've always had a liking for pics of high tension power lines..not sure why... I also dig the flat prairie... flat, flat, flat... makes for a monotonous drive.

Highway I94 - North Dakota - before the Windsor exit -March 2005 - That's the exit for Windsor, ND, not Windsor, CO where I spent so much of my childhood... yep, I posted that one for you mom.

Sunrise at Big Sky Montana with very cool clouds. Photo by Mike FiskBig Sky Montana - March 2005 -

This is where I ended up... Big Sky Montana.... pink, blue, white and cold in the morning (I actually arrived in the early evening, but I took this pic a couple days later).

I hope you enjoy the tune and I'll post more soon. Brad and I jammed a bit last night and there may be a thing or two to post from that and there is still over 1.5 hrs of music from HOG gig to go through. Talk to you later....

Here's the Soul Amp top ten tunes for you to check out if you like:

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