Thursday, October 04, 2007

House of Guinness gig.... get a Free CD!

We're going to be giving away free CDs at the gig tomorrow, Friday Oct 5, in Waukesha at the House of Guinness!

Update: We'll be playing the House of Guiness again on Friday May 9th 2008!!!

Here's directions:

The CD's are Strip Mall Heaven released back in 2005...

And a new CD of stuff we've been working that we're calling "For You to Bleed". This is an eclectic mixture of stuff that you can download in it's entirety by clinking the following links (note that the CD versions of the tracks are mixed a little bit better than the mp3s...):

The CDs are free, but if you'd like to donate something it would be much appreciated... also, I plan on posting the whole "For you to Bleed" CD with the remastered tracks sometime next week... but come to the gig and pick up a copy and get a cool souvenir.

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