Friday, October 19, 2007

Lets talk about fish....

I like this fish...

I like this fish because it points to the left and it is blue. This is not a conservative fish by any means. ON the contrary it was quite progressive in it's day some oodles of millions of years ago. Think of it. Those fleshy fins digging into the tidal mudflats chasing bugs, breathing air with crude lungs. This is THE first Hybrid Vehicle. God did not make this slow clumsy fish. Why would the old man make a fish with legs and lungs? That is just wrong, wrong headed crazy talk.

No sir. This fish is a Hillery luvin' goll dang, tree huggin' socialist liberal freak fish. Don't you want to shake it's fin? This fish could win elections, despite not looking quite "Presidential". It sorta looks like Al Gore...with a beard.

Now this fish I don't like. It has a narrow mind and points to the right. It is rather selfish and has evolved itself into a corner. It is a very hypocritical fish. If you have enough of them in one place they will eat everything in sight and eventually starve. Now now now...that is all these fish think about. "I have all these teeth to protect us all, by killing everything around me and eating it!" This is a neo-conservative fish.

They live in the richest parts of the ocean. In close knit communities where the cost of entry is quite high. They abandon thier children to private schools where they are taught to be vicious unloved over achievers with deeply repressed issues with their sexuality. Everyone looks the same, thinks the same, believes the same, eats the same. They all are the same, with narrow set eyes, a coke-jaw underbite, bad teeth, bad temper with a great Neil Cavuto slick back doo. They would as soon eat your face as say something nice to you. Move suddenly, speak the truth and they are all over you like stink on poo, swift-boating you into chum and then they blame you for provoking them, even if you didn't have anything to do with it. Collateral damage is to be expected in a time of war, freedom is on the march and digesting everything in it's path in packs of 911.

That my friend is one Red to the core conservative fish.

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