Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Catholic Church bathroom graffiti .....and soul-amp.com vs soulamp.com

Yep, most bathroom stalls have the graffiti we are all familiar with, but not in the bathroom at the Cathedral of Saint Paul in MN (a Catholic church). Here's a pic from inside one of the women's stall doors (don't ask how I got it... no I didn't go into the women's john... especially at a church):

Church graffiti in women's stall at Cathedral of Saint PaulChurch graffiti in women's stall at Cathedral of Saint_Paul

Comforting, huh? ....especially while you're sitting there doing your business..... =)

....and as a special note, just in case you wandered upon us searching for soul amp Catholic music... we are NOT the Soul Amp that's the Contemporary Catholic Music project.... we are the Rock and Roll Soul Amp... and btw, we support all forms of tolerant musical expression... in case you were wondering... so rock on with whatever amps your soul and respects the amplification of others! So whether you are going to check out soul-amp.com or soulamp.com... enjoy!!

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