Thursday, November 08, 2007

Drum Circle Audio Recordings - Photo of Bonfire in Lake Geneva - More Voodoo drums

Bonfire at Lake Geneva OcktoberfestOctoberfest Lake Geneva bon fire -

Here's another Zoom H4 recording of the drum circle that M2 organized at his Octoberfest party... very Halloween...includes 2 branches being struck together.....on beautiful autumn night....with a toasty bonfire to warm us (you can here the fire crackling and cars swooshing by)....Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Also feel free to check out a bunch of our free mp3s to download here (most of them recorded using the Zoom H4):

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All the bonfire photos and voodoo drum circle audio recordings at "Octoberfest" in Williams Bay near Lake Geneva can be found here:

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