Thursday, May 24, 2007

A photo of my smashed finger after 2.5 weeks as I take walk around a pond by work

Well I was able to play the gig on May 11th all right. If you listen to the recordings (look for the one's with HOG in the name), you can hear I'm a bit off but not too much more horrible than normal. I think playing on it caused it to re-injure or something. It got infected right after that. Mom and my girlfriend wanted me to go to the doc, but I fought that and now the infection is all gone and it's just starting to feel a bit better... still have some pain with it, but I'm using it to type this. One strange thing is that it got numb, but that's diminishing now too. So here's a pic of it:

Here's all the posts documenting the smashed finger saga (in reverse order):

Anyone with a story of a smashed finger, I'll be happy to post it. Just drop an email or feel free to comment on this post or any of the others.

Here's one from a reader named Gordon:

And in the meantime, feel free to distract yourself with some delightful music from my band, Soul Amp:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the time line. I came across ytour blog on a search. I just smashed mine terribly 1 week ago, learned to put a hole in it to relieve pressure and today was wondering how long it takes to actually get better. Still swollen and sensitive to the touch, but that intense pain from the pressure is gone. The best was learning how to burn a hole to relieve the pressure. Cheers. Milan K