Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ice crystal photos in Steamboat Colorado - New tune... "Quizzical Ice" or "Quizzical Tree Knot"? - photos by Mike Fisk

Brad and I, sans M2, created this crazy instrumental last week (bfs - before finger slam). It's a trance, electonica, new wave, punk thing... so this may be the first and only time you will hear Brad on synths and myself on drums. In fact, this is the very first time I've been recorded on drums ....and in fact (again), the only time I've ever been recorded on drums... so this just rocks.... here ya go....

quizzical ice on fence in Steamboat Colo - soul_amp

Quizzical Ice

haha...lucky you... you get two pics for this tune....

quizzical ice on a branch in Steamboat Colo - soul_amp
ok I have a confession... I originally called the tune "Quizical Tree Knot"... but couldn't find the pic I wanted for it... well I just found it... so you can call it what you like and here's that pic.....

quizzical tree knot in Windsor Colo - soul_amp

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