Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thank You!

Just wanted to thank all who attended the House of Guinness gig on May 11th (including my mom..."Hi Mom!"). It was a treat to play for you all and we thank you for your support of our band!

We were able to make a tape of three of the tunes during the second set using Brad's Pioneer - Auto Reverse, Direct Drive RT-707 quarter inch (1/4") reel to reel. Something was wrong with one of the cables or with the mixer or with the reel to reel. We were only able to get a mono recording. The mic was pointed at Brad and his guitar amp... so the keys are kind of muted (not the worst thing since my busted pinky was starting to really bug me).

The tunes are really long and meandering (between 15 and 20 mins each) and include some of our inane chatter... So these tunes are mostly for hardcore fans or for people who were there and what to hear themselves talking in the audience. There are some very tasty bits especially Brad's guitar playing... and M2 was just a monster on the drums (truely amazing stuff). There was a bit of hum in the recording which I eq'd out to no great ill effect to the overall recording. There's also a couple of minor tape glitches, but not too noticeable. So without further ado:
All these tunes (except HOG Funker) are on our album, Strip Mall Heaven.

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