Friday, January 30, 2009

Milwaukee Skyline photos at night and early morning on Lake Michigan on a misty subzero day - Moon Skyline images - MP3 Music

Milwaukee Skyline at night (actually, very early morning). This was taken on Lake Michigan at Bradford Beach on a subzero morning with temperatures at -16 to -20. I used the flash which captured the mist off the lake and created that cool effect. This is my current favorite Milwaukee Skyline photo. M2, do you see the monster-like things in the mist? Photos by Mike Fisk

I really dig this spot for taking lake pictures and I've gone there a number of times. I'm anxious to take some more next week (I thought about going out this morning, but I'm a little under the weather today). It's a really great place to capture the ice along Lake Michigan. Earlier in the season, as the cold eases into the area, you often get the steam off the lake which adds a lot to your images. The above image I took with a flash. It's the only one I took like that. I wish I taken more of the city with a flash, because it came out so cool. I'll have to do that next time.

The sun hits the Milwaukee buildings and turns them into gems. It's really quite breath taking (and not just cause it's so d*mn cold).

Here's the Milwaukee Art Museum. This one is taken 45 minutes to an hour before sunrise.

The pink sunrise and streaming smoke from the stacks. And the moon.

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And here's more coldest day in Wisconsin, Lake Michigan ice formation sunrise photos:

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