Monday, January 26, 2009

Rainbow of colors in photos of Lake Michigan in the mists of subzero temperaturs in the middle of January 2009. Art in Nature. Dig it. And Listen.

Awash in a rainbow of colors at sunrise on Lake Michigan in the middle of January 2009 with the temperature at -20 degrees Farenheit. Photos by Mike Fisk

Lake Michigan has really been a magnet for photo opportunities. For me and for others. There were half a dozen photographers freezing with me on the Friday I took these pics. I have a photo of one in a subsequent post that you'll have to wait for...

BTW, I'm working on some more music... so stand by. Some sh*t is on it's way.

Golden Sunrise in Mists on Lake Michigan at Sunrise on the Coldest Day in Milwaukee so far this season, January 16, 2009...Just North of Bradford Beach. Art in Nature. Photos by Mike Fisk

Fire on the lake... so it appears, huh? What an amazing effect. Lake Michigan Ice Formations and Mists at Sunrise on the Coldest Day in Milwaukee so far this season, January 16, 2009...Just North of Bradford Beach... Lots of great sunrise light on cold days at the lake. Photos by Mike Fisk

Be sure to check out some free music (mp3s) here (Top Ten Soul Amp Songs):

And more here:

And here's more coldest day in Wisconsin, Lake Michigan ice formation sunrise photos:

Have a great rest of the week everybody. =)


dawn knapp said...

I LOVE your photos. I came across them a while back when I googled sunrise photos for my website. These Lake Michigan ones are amazing!!! I've just been enjoying the newer photos posted, too. WOW!!! The cool thing is I am originally from Milwaukee and I took my Grandmother (91 this Thursday) down to Bradford one year ago on Mother's Day while I was visiting. I am sitting here in Pensacola, hiding in the air-conditioning right now. And yeah, of course your music is supercool as well!

May I have your permission to use (part of) your photo in my header?
The site is and my header is I used a link-back to your photo page, did alt text as "Photo by Mike Fisk, Soul Amp". You'll need to cut and paste the addresses, since I don't know how to link here in your comments.

Thanks for the great music and amazing photos!

Dawn Knapp

M1 said...

Hi Dawn, Thank you so much for your comments. Sure, feel welcome to use my pics since you are noting that I took them and where they came from (AND linking back). I very much appreciate you asking. I stopped by your site briefly. I have to run right now (sounds interesting), but I'll take a look again soon. Thanks again.


dawn knapp said...

Thanks, Mike! I appreciate it so much!