Saturday, January 17, 2009

Steve Schroeder - Grafton WI musician currently living and making amazing music in Portland Oregon - A bit Elliot Smithish, but very Optomistic

You all have to listen to Steve Schroeder, he's amazing.

I heard one of his CDs in a store in Cedarburg a long time ago. So I contacted him and he sent me a couple of his CDs ("Dreaming of a Silent Film" and "A Simple Place"). He's very, very good and I love his music. It's delightfully odd. It's got a lot of influences like Beatles and everything alternative derived from that band. I don't know if many people have even heard him. I think he just makes music to make music because he loves to (at least that's what I remember him telling me). He records everything in his home studio. He has like 12 CDs now. I wonder if anyone has contacted him to sign to a label. I bet they've contacted him and maybe he just said go away, I'm doing my own thing.

If you land on our site, Steve, please drop us a line. I tried to send you an email myself, but I can't find your address. You can contact me (M1 aka Mike Fisk) at

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