Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunrise Milwaukee Skyline Photos on Lake Michigan on the Coldest Day in the Northern Midwest of 2009

Sunrise Milwaukee Skyline on the ice formations on the shores of Lake Michigan at around 6:30 AM. This was taken on Lake Michigan at Bradford Beach on a subzero morning with temperatures at -16 to -20. Photos by Mike Fisk

I think the ice looks very interesting in this soft morning light and the reflection of the sun on the buildings make them look like gold.

Look closely, there are lots of photographers in the mornging on the lake.

The sun hits the Milwaukee buildings and turns them into gems. I dig the moon and the crossed contrails.

Big old boulders to protect the shore from erosion are covered in ice. I really like this skyline photo of Milwaukee.

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And here's more coldest day in Wisconsin, Lake Michigan ice formation sunrise photos:

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Unknown said...

these are very nice, in the post apocalyptic sense.

nate northway said...

that is beautiful. i love milwaukeee for that reason