Sunday, December 30, 2007

Zoom H4 - short review summary - recorded samples...

For the last 6 months Soul Amp has used the Zoom H4 for recording nearly everything we have played (including a bar gig). Using a tri-pod we have used it to record a bunch of stuff nearly all of it at 24 bit. I've even used the Zoom H4 to record nature sounds including using the Zoom H4 to record thunderclaps and birds and cars driving by. And we used the Zoom H4 to record live music at a bonfire with crickets in the background and a voodoo drum cirle. We have found it to work extremely well. My only big complaint it that the screen could have bigger text. Other than that, the Zoom H4 has been amazing and sounds great. I highly recommend you get one if you are into that sort of thing. I haven't used the 4-track feature much, but I just used the tuner to tune E's niece's guitar. Very cool. The following tunes were recorded using the Zoom H4:

Make Another Motion of Love

Zingo Bango Bomp and the Gate Cloud (check out the Millenium Park Cloud Gate pics here)

Free CDs

Desert Sun (check some Arizona Desert Sunrise and Catcus pics here )

Zap Bam Jam in the Criss Cross

Tear Me Apart at the Seams - Live at the Hog

Deep Mercury

Most Horrible Sound Known to Man

Shove - Live at the Hog

Molten Compass - Mellow Melting

The Morning Song

You Don't Get the Eggs Until I Get the Money

Drum Circle at Octoberfest in Lake Geneva 1

Drum Circle at Octoberfest in Lake Geneva 2


Pink Shirt

Wine Glasses 1

Wine Glasses 2

Electric Resistor

The Clown is Down

Coming Apart at the Seams

Zingo Bango Bomp

Crinkle in the Wrinkle

The Decision

Suburban Summer Symphony (nature recording)

Floor 22

Hark there is Weirdness in the Bay

Groovy Little Love Cricket

Easy in the Summer


Gentle Assasins - Closer in Your Life

Crazy Drums

Heaven Sent You

Fireworks in Greenfield 1

Fireworks in Greenfield 2

Fireworks in Greenfield 3

Concrete Table Jam

Goofy Hammon M3

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