Saturday, December 22, 2007

Free CDs - Britney Spears Bullshit - God's Key - Gig chatter....

Here's some chatter in between songs at the HOG gig this last Oct. Just cracked me up (and me only me, but I thought it was pretty funny... well Brad and M2 are pretty damn funny at least).... so this is not a song and so you don't have to listen.... Listen to Desert Sun instead. The thing is... come to our gigs and you can get a free CD or two (well at least they're free at the gigs (not free online) until we become huge annoying rock stars who will sell you bottles of our sweat even though we have sweat in abundance... ok ok ok... we're all over-the-hill and we'll never become rock stars and I really don't see how we can become anymore annoying than we already are....)....Well ya go:

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