Monday, December 31, 2007

Milwaukee Jam Band, Soul Amp, releases their first slide show video...

Red Rose image - photo by Mike Fisk

Rose on Black Background - photo by Mike Fisk --
Happy New Year Everybody!

Here's a new song from the HOG gig in October. This is the last song of the first set. It's all made up on the spot including Brad's lyrics. It was recorded using a Zoom H4 on a tripod. It was mastered in Cakewalk using Ozone3. It's a rare Soul Amp love song.

So anyhow, here's the song on it's own:

Here's a broadband picture video (12.5 MB) of Mike Fisk (me) photos to accompany the music:

And here's a downloadable version of the video that's much higher quality (50 MB):

Here's Blogger's copy of the video if you just want to play it right here:

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