Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We scumbag liberals...

scumbag liberals
A guy at work has that pic tiled as his wallpaper on his computer. Yep, a cheery little message.... it actually does crack me up a bit....

So here's a shock, Soul Amp is a band of scumbag liberals.

But, oh what joy to listen each day to all the wonderful regurgitations from AM talk radio and "bible study".... nothing like a big heaping dose of anger and intolerance. Also get to enjoy greed in the name of God and religion. Lovely little closed up minds filled up with a big pile of fear of the different. And let's not get started on science... but no matter and no use getting too upset about it unless they start directly f*cking with me.... I do see glimmers of hope now and then of the light beginning to sparkle... so I keep up the dialog.

We all have the dichotomies inside of us... what's real and what we have made up in our heads .... and what we want for ourselves at the expense of others and how we ignore the obvious truths around us... and we rationalize our asses off to feel good about ourselves.

Here's a song about that (yep, a bleeding heart liberal song...."It's another stab in the back"). This is the original version. The Strip Mall Heaven version is a bit different:

If the line, "A child's hand gathers in a fist ", doesn't give you the chills, then you're made of stronger stuff than I am.

Hey, I like this quote from Nick Talbot of the band Gravenhurst:

"I don't offer any answers in my music, or ideas about politics. You don't want to end up with a garage full of 'Thatcher Out' T-shirts do you? There are things you can say about the human condition that are more constant than that, like the human desire to have things explained, and our battle between rational and irrational."

So I don't think of Division as a political song... it's a human song!

Oh and since we are peace loving liberals, here's some flowers for you (thank you E!):

flower --

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