Monday, August 13, 2007

Summer Jam at the Love Shack....

Soul Amp had a wonderful time hanging out at M2's "Love Shack" over the weekend. We walked down to Williams Bay Lions Club Corn & Brat Roast, drank too much, ate too much, enjoyed the fireworks, and came back for a roaring bonfire and short jam. M2 played a small kit, I played M2's Wurli 214, and Brad played V's Hello Kitty guitar Fender Strat. Here's Brad sporting the Hello Kitty and an Icehouse:

My legs got bit up by mosquitoes as I played... so I suffered for my art =).....Anyhow, here's a Zoom H4 recording of one of the tunes we came up with on the spot. Special thanks to the crickets for providing a subtle rhythm element which we seemed to unconsciously hook into. I also the dig cars going by adding a swooshing sound:

Easy in the Summer

On the Zoom H4, I had the mic set on medium gain and used the windscreen since we were outside and there was a bit of a breeze. I had the Zoom H4 mounted on a tripod. I recorded to MP3 192kbps because I was worried I would run out of space on the card as I had recorded a bunch of other stuff Saturday night (crowd noises, fireworks, screams... etc). I imported this into Sonar and then ran it through Ozone's CD mastering preset (the one with harmonic exciter and space enhancer). Enjoy....

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