Friday, August 17, 2007

Strange Surfboards Floating in a Denver Bar pic - Elevator music - Bratfest Geneva WI 2007 - jamming on a Wurli while getting bit up by Mosquitos.....

Surfboards Floating in a Denver Bar - photo by Mike Fisk

Leaves or Surfboards -

And yet another from the Love Shack Brat Fest jam:

Soul Amp would like to dedicate this tune to B and V. They clearly, especially enjoyed this particular piece. In addition, we would like to thank M2's cell phone for ending the piece.

Although lingerie is mentioned in this track, we are not going to post any lingerie images. Sorry. There are some gruesome smashed finger pics to look at though (btw, for those of you who are concerned, it's growing back quite crooked...I'll post more pics in a bit).
In the meantime, here's an interesting "elevator" to look at:

And here's the Soul Amp top ten songs:

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