Monday, August 27, 2007

A song for a Monday...

There are two versions of this song about daily life in the corporate slog.

The first version is one of Brad and my first recordings. We didn't have a drummer or bass player at the time and so we used an old Yamaha RX-11 drum machine. I have since given the drum machine to a friend to use for the composition of his tunes.

This was also before I had the Korg CX-3 or the Motion Sound KB3d or the Kurzweil PC2. I was using an EMU Proteus 2000 module with the Hammond B3 flash card. I used a Yamaha DX-7 for the controller.

Here it is:
This next version is the full band. By then I had the Motion Sound and the Korg CX-3, but I'm not sure Brad yet had his Traynor. I think at that time he was using the Fender Champ 12. Anyhow, here it is:

Have an excellent week!!

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