Friday, November 07, 2008

Photos of sliced finger... Finger cut on a table saw. Recovery of sliced finger. "moral of the story - ‘take your time and don’t rush'"

What follows are some pretty gruesome pictures of one of our blog readers whose finger was sliced by a table slice. So be warned before scrolling down to look at them.

Here's Gordon's story:

"It hurts more now. When I did it I felt nothing.

"The odd thing is the nerves, the ones from the tip of my finger receded to behind the line of the cut. So when I touch that bit it feels like I’m touching the end!

"The story:

"I was laying a salvaged oak floor, trimming the tongues and tiding the grooves. I needed to rebate some of the edges; foolishly I tried to trim a piece that was to big.

"The table saw I was using had no guard and the blade was raised just 8mm from the table.

"As I proceeded to trim the edge I experienced ‘kick back’ and the piece spun around the table taking my hand towards the blade, where my index finger was in a 15mm cut out on the edge.

"The next thing I remember was looking at my hand thinking I’d done the top of my finger.

"The piece of wood had spun with such force; it smashed a window and knocked the beading out some 8ft behind me.

"3hrs a 16 stitches later, this is the result.

"... been 4 months now...It will hurt forever – moral of the story - ‘take your time and don’t rush, if your not sure – take a look at youtube’

"Not sure its what your looking for, but the photos make you cringe!

"Cheers, gordon"

Thank you Gordon. Please keep us posted on its condition. I hope the pain becomes less over time.

Here's Gordon's pics (again, warning, as Gordon says, they make you cringe):

Finger sliced by table saw. Photo by Gordon

Here's all the posts documenting my smashed finger saga (which completely pales in comparison to Gordon's sliced finger):

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