Friday, November 21, 2008

Lake Michigan Sunrise Wrecked Sailboat Photos....Comments from Owner of Falcon Chinook 34 that wrecked in 2007...He has sent pics...

Pavel Bernek, owner of the Chinook 34 sailboat that was wrecked along the shores of Lake Michigan just north of Milwaukee in autumn of 2007, sent me the following comments:

"Hi I soo glad I read comment from Bob (the original owner of the Falcon). Thank You for this boat. I'M guy who's wrecked this beauty. Pavel Beranek, last owner. I had big plans with Her, unfortunately My stupidity send her to wreckage. My dreams still alive, but not on this excellent boat. If you interested some pictures you can found on My WWW but is in foreign language. Is under post. And is there 2 more parts of this . Thank You Pavel"

So here's the sites he's referring to with pics of the Falcon being refurbished before her final voyage. A lot of work went into her as you can see:

Here's some of the first pics I took of the Falcon not too long after she got stuck (these are new pics...I have not posted these to this site before):

Lake Michigan Sunrise Photos of a Sailboat in Autumn 2007. Photos by Mike Fisk

Here's a sailing tune to listen to:

And there are a lot more Soul Amp tunes here:

And there are a lot more Soul Amp tunes here:

Here's the rest of the posts on the Falcon:

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