Saturday, November 15, 2008

Autumn Collage - Psychedelic Autumn Tree and Leaf Photo Collage - Massive Photo Collage - New Weird Strat, Piano, B3 InstruRock Tune from Soul Amp

Here's an pschedelic autumn photo collage for all of you. I know I said I may never do it again because it's time consuming, but I worked little by little on it over a long while. It has over 200 photos (most of which have been or will be posted on this blog). So it's a massive photo collage of mostly fall leaves and autumn scens. Be sure to open the bigger version if you're into this kind of thing. Zoom in and find all the little treasures and oddities. It's pretty weird and so is this new, never before released tune from one of our practices (more stuff made up on the spot). Please listen at least through the first 3 minutes. It starts slow as we figure out what it means and then explodes at the end. Its got strat guitar, booming drums, piano and some B3 organ in the middle section. Check it out:

End of Summers (free mp3 tune)

I hope you dig it all and have an amazing weekend.

Psychedelic Autumn Collage of Fall Leaves and Trees. Massive collage of over 200 photos. By Mike Fisk

Click for the larger version so you can zoom in find all the Easter eggs:

Here's a very popular Flower Photo Collage:

And another (using flashlight photo art):

Here's more psychedelic Photo Art pictures:

Here's some songs:

Free Songs

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