Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shadow People Music - M2's Other, Other band!

Hey check it out. M2's in another band.... Don't worry, he's still a Soul Amper.

Here's what he says:

Hey Cool Cats...I got picked up by a goth rock band last week.They recently went through some personnel changes,and are rearranging most of their material..all original.gothic,ethereal,primal,progressive..This opens up a whole new avenue of creativity for me.I've started a blog page in lieu of a website for now.On it,there is a link to the myspace site with some older music samples.As things progress,we'll revamp the whole dang thing..I can possibly see some talent sharing between our two bands in the future.Kurt is a great bass player,and Kim's voice..in person..friggin' awesome.I shiver with glee at the thought of the next bonfire jam!

So check it out!!!! Here's the site:

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