Monday, January 31, 2005

Sprizzo Jan. 29th

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What follows are a bunch of pictures from the january 29th SPrizzo gig. Sprizzo is a small cafe'/coffee house/Art Gallery/Martini/Wine Bar....that is a lot of slashes. They have music on a regular basis and do everything from jazz, folk to alt rock. If the bands keep the volume down this is a fun place to watch and hear music. Great food, drinks and warm non-smoking atmosphere make for a very intimate music experience for all ages.

SPrizzo is not a late night place. Bnads fire up at 8 and typically they start shutting down by around 10-10:30. We were packed up and sitting in House of Guiness having a pint by 11:30.

Families welcome. We had quite a few fans who brought the kids. Which is great way for families to do something other than watch T.V. or go to ::choke:: Applebee's...go to Sprizzo...

Starting out the night at 8 p.m. we had pretty much standing room only for the first set. The second set was "mostly winging it" and havning fun trying out some variations on songs that were not in the first set.

Thanks to Patrick Netteshiem for the photos.

It was a good gig. We had a blast, sold some disks, ate some sammies and drank some moose drool.

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