Tuesday, January 04, 2005

MIke Fisk


Mike (M1) Fisk - keyboards

Mike hails from Colorado and is a self-taught piano player from early childhood. Mike has been in and around music for years as a composer and band manager. He co-wrote songs, produced and managed a popular band while in Colorado and produced his own album of instrumental piano. He is a prolific writer, "tech-geek" and brings a wealth of ideas to Soul Amp. In Soul Amp Mike comes out form behind the scenes and brings his talent to the stage. Mike sticks to traditional sounds. He utilizes a vintage Hammond organ, Wurlitzer electric and Yamaha Grand pianos in the studio and for stage plays a Korg Hammond tone wheel clone, Kurtzwiel PC2X controller and a vintage Wurlitzer. While working their day job, Brad and Mike frequently discussed their joint musical interests. Their conversations led to the conception of Soul Amp in 2004.

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