Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Prototype-IIb - "Tube"

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Here is the cover design for prototype II dubbed: "tube".

M1 and I finished this up last night selection a range of songs that we felt sounded good together. We'll be selling these at the Main Stage and Sprizzo gigs for $5. This weekend in Waukesha.

The seven song disk is yet another step along the way to our completed album. It is likely that these versions will only be available on this disk.

If you lucked out and got the first prototype why stop there...come and get this one too...

I personally really like this little disk. It shows the progress the band has made musically since November. There are three new songs, Flowing On, Beautiful Painting and Turn Out The Morning.(new to us) on the disk and it's cool in that they are really fresh recordings made moments after the songs came together, probably the third or fourth take.

I am digging these new tunes as they revealed that we have broken through some hidden self imposed boundary and we started opening up some new sonic territory. Specifically in Beautiful Picture there is some really interesting stuff happening there it's dark and sweet. All in all tasty disk and a great step toward our finished album...

I was holding a pre amp tube (12ax7-c Groove Tubes) I bought and was admiring it as we waited for the track to processes the mastering effects. Mike said "lets take a picture of that...".

As I thought more about it seemed tube was a pretty name for this collection.

We all live in tubes of sorts.
Well rounded and confined.
In our own little columns of influence.
tube junky
corporate silo climber

See you at the gig...


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