Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Mike Nettesheim - M2


Mike (M2) Nettesheim - drums/percussion

After meeting Brad at an open mic session Mike Joined Soul Amp in August,2004. He has played drums since 1972, professionally gigging and recording since 1980. His credits include regional touring band Tiger Rose, punk band Barking Spiders, alt rock band E'Gad and blues guitarist Jon Moore. Mike plays vintage Ludwig kits on stage and in studio. Soul Amp needed a drummer that could draw on a rich exposure to many forms of music without fear of experimenting with unusual beats and timings to accent the tunes. Mike's creativity is unflagging and as time went on he found that the music being made was indeed as he put it "amplifying my soul, it's my soul amp". Mike brings a great deal of skill and enthusiasm to Soul Amp and he and Steve are quickly becoming a rhythm section admired by other musicians.

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