Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Brad Odland


Brad Odland - guitar/lead vocal

Brad started playing guitar in 1974 and has been playing and writing original material since 1985. While living in Minneapolis he joined the Landsliders as lead guitarist and backing vocalist. The Landsliders released a 6" EP and played in the region through the late 80's and early 90's. In 1990 while still gigging with the Landsliders he formed the power trio Frozen Soul and they wrote over 50 original songs over a four year period eventually releasing the cassette "Contemporary Music for Neanderthals". Brad moved to Madison, Wisconsin in 1995 and went "back to nature" for 8 years playing solo folk and original bluegrass. After Handful of Grass parted company in 2003, Brad looked to return to rock music.

In early 2004 he began working with keyboardist/songwriter Mike Fisk and together they found a common musical sense. Brad and Mike focus on lyrics that reflect experiences from simple slice of life tunes about relationships and love to darker explorations of loss, war and politics. Musically Brad draws on sounds from four decades of music including rock, pop, punk, blues, reggae and Americana and brings this experience to bear with the members of Soul Amp to sculpt a fresh sonic experience.

As a guitarist Brads understated playing style is simple but rich with emotion, texture and tone. His voice is soulful, personal and draws on years of singing folk, rock and bluegrass. Brad plays Fender Stratocasters through a modified 80's vintage tube Fender Champ 12 and 70's Fender 2x12 cabinet without effects. His playing relies on analog tech to milk the sound from the wires. Un-fettered by effects the true sound of the guitar and its player sing true.

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