Thursday, December 30, 2004


Well as we head into a new year it is time for news and idle banter. First Soul Amp is chuggin ahead getting ready for the upcomging gigs at Main Stage and Sprizzo. We'lln be doing a 45 minute set at Main Stage. So we are polishing that set. We'll start the ight at Sprizzo with the music not played at Main Stage and then finish with the set from the night before. Expect to here some jams at Sprizzo as I am sure we'll open it up a bit.

M1 is off in Co. for the holidays so M2, EB and I practiced lastnight. It was funh and we got a chance to "just jam" some too as we were'nt too serious about getting anything other that a refresher with M1 abscent. One thing is for sure., Hammond organ and piano sure fills out the sound. With M1 missing it was wierd to play as a three piece, these songs that were arranged for four.

So to make up for M1 not being around we made sure his picture was repeted over and over again in the promo photo collage. Sorry Mike, couldn't resist.

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